Ascension Day Walk - May 2018

Ascension Day this year was on 10 May 2018. A sunny and bright but quite cool day. Beating the Bounds is a really ancient custom derived from a time when thre was little in the way of mapping and intended for the Rector or Vicar of the Parish concerned to be able to mark out the boundaries of that Parish. Traditionally it was a walk with both young and old involved, presumably so that the latter knew the limits of their Parish?

This year Revd Andrew Doye, our Rector, led an intrepid party - of mostly - older parishioners (and some much younger dogs!) on a walk from Westbourne to Woodmancote, Racton and onto Stansted and then back via the Hollybank Woods to Westbourne. Modern footpaths don't follow parish boundaries exactly but as near as makes little difference the circumference of the Parish is about 16,000 paces (even the old have Fitbits nowadays!) or a little less than 8 miles in all. It's a lovely walk made all the better for the wonderful bluebell displays. Make a note to join next year (30 May 2019) - and there was tea and cake at the end!

Andrew Turner
Deputy Churchwarden

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