The Reader's Rumblings - Sept 2016

The Reader’s Rumblings

I ought to start by re-introducing myself. I am a Reader at St John’s, which means I can preach, teach, lead worship and take funerals. 

As you know St John’s is currently without a Rector; we are in a ‘vacancy’. People are often puzzled by the length of vacancies in the Church. In what other organisation would you expect there to be an interval of several months between appointments?

A vacancy is meant to be an opportunity for us to take stock and revisit the ministry of the whole Church family, since the ministry of the Church doesn’t just belong to ordained ministers. The process of reflection the Church goes through during a vacancy helps us to assess how healthy the involvement of the people is in the ministry of the Church. And it’s also an opportunity for people to become more active, to help keep things going. This may be for an interim period but it isn’t unusual for this to be a fertile time when people rediscover their gifts and their commitment to the Church.  It’s also a time for us to reflect on the type of Rector we would like.

On the first Sunday after the Rector's departure we welcomed the Archdeacon of Chichester as our Celebrant and he naturally conducted the service in his own way; and I was reminded how much we can learn from the visiting clergy who will take our services over the coming months. We look forward to meeting them and listening to what they have to teach us.

This article is an extract of Martin Brown's piece for the September magazine. You can obtain copies of the magazine in church or if you live in the village, subscribe for delivery.


Family Service – 11 September 2016

On the second Sunday of every month at 9.30am we have a Family Service. It is a shorter, lighter form of service and a good way for families to experience Church either for the first time, and/or as a family. During the vacancy our Family Services will be led by people from the congregation and myself – what the Church terms lay folk. Please come along and support those taking these services.

Martin Brown

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