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• To nurture and grow our faith by including and catering for all people young and old, from all backgrounds and with differing needs
• To ensure the church’s land and buildings meet the needs of the people of Westbourne now and in the future
• To meet the challenges of change with confidence and enthusiasm

You can read more about our plans in the Mission Action Plan

Church History

Westbourne Parish Church is a historic and iconic church located in the beautiful village of Westbourne in West Sussex, UK. The church dates back to the 12th century, and its rich history is steeped in tradition and heritage. Over the centuries, the church has undergone many changes, and has played a vital role in the spiritual and social life of the local community.

"Standing in the Church with Renya was like going back in time. I was christened there and was also in the choir. I remember the Christmas Carol Service, I sang a descant during it, before we walked up the yew tree avenue with lanterns and then once around the Church. I have some wonderful memories of the Church and Westbourne, where I was brought up."

John Hotston / Google Review

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