Arranging a funeral

There may be a time when you are involved in arranging a funeral.  Church of England ministers are trained in caring for people who have experienced the loss of someone they love and can help with arranging a suitable funeral.  A funeral service can be a small, quiet ceremony for immediate family or a large occasion for wider friends and relatives.

If you would like pastoral support following the death of a loved one or advice on a church funeral, you can contact the church directly and do not need to wait until a funeral director has been instructed.  The Rector, the Revd Andrew Doye, will be able to talk with you about how they can provide support and assistance with funeral arrangements.  Most people engage a funeral director to make arrangements for them but this is not always necessary. The Rector works alongside the funeral directors in the area and can assist you in preparing for this service.

Funeral services can be very different in their style and content and the Rector can help support and guide you through what can be a very difficult time.

There are fees for funeral services in general, though not in the case of a funeral of a child.

Please call the Rector, the Revd Andrew Doye on (01243) 372867 or by email to

More information on planning a church funeral

To find out more about funerals in the Church of England please visit and click on the tab ‘Life Events’.

Church of England funerals

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