Churchyard memorials

In 2001 a dedicated group of local people undertook a major project to produce a detailed record of all the memorials in the churchyard.

The results of this survey, with full details of the inscriptions, may be found below. The introduction lists the people involved bringing this huge task to a successful conclusion.

1 Introduction

2 Index of Churchyard and Church Monumental Inscriptions

3 Map of whole churchyard

4 Maps of sections of churchyard

5 South East churchyard 1-30

6 South West churchyard 31-47

7 West churchyard 48-70

8 NW churchyard 71-99

9 NW churchyard 100-131

10 NWB churchyard 132-166

11 NEB churchyard 167-199

12 NEB churchyard 200-245

13 NE churchyard 246-299

14 NE churchyard 300-338

We are most grateful to Clare Kennett, Clerk to Westbourne Parish Council, for her assistance in the scanning of these documents.

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